Property Management

Why BQ Property Management?


Managing a rental property can be very stressful and complicated. Finding a knowledgeable and experienced professional can save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and stress. With BQ Group’s full service assistance, you'll get a team of skilled, experienced professionals with 10+ years of experience to provide you with the highest level of service and the maximum return on investment. 


Our Services


1. Property Marketing

Once we analyze and assess your property, our team will take steps to plan the most ideal marketing strategy. We'll make sure your property gets maximal exposure by taking professional photos/videos and posting them on a variety of platforms, creating and displaying signage around the neighborhood, designing appealing literatures to distribute, and much more.


2. Tenant Screening

After we put your property on the market, we will review all the tenant applications coming in. Applicants will be taken through our advanced screening process, which includes running a background check and reviewing their credit and rental histories, financial situation, and other relevant personal information. BQ Realty adheres to fair housing requirements when selecting residents; we guarantee we'll find you a qualified resident to lease your property.


3. Rent Collection

We treat your rental property as if it were our own, so we'll use the best practices to ensure on-time rent collection. We'll make sure to stay very organized with all the finances and send a lot of reminders to your tenants so you can rest assured knowing that your funds will be transferred to you electronically on-time monthly and that you will receive accurate accounting of all income and expenses.


4. Property Maintenance

Managing your property through our professional maintenance services will future-proof your property. If there is any maintenance required, our licensed contractors and insured vendors will quickly take care of it.


5. Renewal

We start the renewal process well in advance of lease expiration. We’ll analyze the resident's payment performance, evaluate the property condition, and conduct a market analysis. As the renewal process proceeds, we'll provide you frequent updates. If a new resident is required, we’ll put your property on the market again and handle all the marketing and applications.