"No words can be enough to express our appreciation for Ying's outstanding real estate experience, accurate market sense, perfect analysis and quick action in helping us to buy our dream house  but with the best price. With the help of a very friendly and knowledgeable agent like Ying that we really trust, we turned tough times into productive times. It was truly an amazing experience to buy a top house within our budget. Our whole family loves it! Thank you Ying for your hard work and wish you a fruitful year in real estate."  star symbol--Jinggang and Yunlin, Mission San Jose, Fremont

 “我通过朋友介绍认识了张颖,她帮我买了一套房子。遇到问题时她会给我提供方案,分析的很透彻。作为一个专业的地产经纪人,我觉得她非常的有经验,有责任心,是一位可以信赖的经纪人。我强烈推荐她。”--Anson Chen, Fremont

 ”Ying was very responsible and helpful through out the process. She was very dedicated to visit houses with me. She is very experienced to manage the whole process to make sure it close on time". --Yanni, San Mateo

“Ying is a great buyer agent. She is very professional and familiar with Fremont and the nearby area. She always provides very quick response, good suggestions and accurate guidance. Working with her, we have closed our house smoothly. Thank you very much, Ying! You always do great jobs!”

“这是我们通过Ying买的第二个房子了,非常感谢Ying的帮助!Ying非常认真负责,是一个可以让人放心的房屋经纪人。 ” --Shaomin and Jing, Newark

“颖姐是我们的买房经纪,也是我们的朋友和邻居。作为经纪人,她非常有经验,专业,负责,细致,在帮我们买房的每一个环节都是如此。她以客户利益为重,给出的建议客观有效,是一位非常值得信赖的优秀经纪人。” --Chao and Jingyu, Cupertino

“张颖是我朋友介绍的,我朋友告诉我说张颖做事很负责任,细心。果真如此。在美国我是第一次买房,没有方向也没有目标,张颖根据我的情况和我的要求,很快帮我确定了买什么房和买在哪里。她真的很负责任,带我去看房,并且会给我详细介绍每个房子的利与弊,使我有了正确的判断。买到了我想要房子。她的售后服务也很好,帮我联系维修师傅等等......。我非常感谢她!是一个值得信任的经纪。 ”   --Keyun Sun,Hayward

“张颖是我同事的朋友,同事告诉我说这是一个做事走心的人,事实果真如此。我是第一次购房,对自己买什么房并没有一个明确的目标,是买独立屋还是公寓,买在哪里也不清楚。张颖根据我和我女朋友的具体情况,把我们的要求列出来并排序,从而很快让我确定了买什么房和买在哪里。每一次带我们看房,张颖都会给我们介绍周围小区的情况,她不像有的经纪对每个房子只说优点,不说缺点,她总是很实在的把房子的优缺点给指出来,我觉得这是一个值得信任的经纪。"--Diana Yang, Fremont

第一次到美国买房说实在困难很多,最大的困难就是语言不通,怕上当受骗,想找一个说中文的房地产经纪,就找到了张经纪。可巧,张经纪是我的老乡,真是太幸运了。我发现美国买房跟中国不同,经纪的作用还真是大。首先我两眼一抹黑,啥材料都得翻译,张经纪把合同一条条翻译给我,还帮我在房子的检查报告和材料上把了关,大大小小的问题都给我说清楚,让我对房子先有比较清楚的了解。还有多亏了张经纪,买房期间我因为焦虑,血压升高,心口也感到难受,她帮我找了大夫,控制住了病情,真是太感谢她了。"--Zhiqiang Zhang, Union City

"Ying was my agent when I bought my current house. She is very professional and experienced. She suggested us to put a loan contingency on purchase agreement and it turned out very useful. One week before loan contingency was removed, I was told by my loan agent that loan wouldn't be finalized because of the problem with my other investment property. Ying suggested us to change lender and the new lender was very fast and finalized my loan right before the contingecy was removed. I feel safe with Ying being my agent. "--Justin Tang, San Jose

"I sold my house through Ying. I was very busy at that time and had little time to take care of the sale process. Ying was like my angel and she give so much help from preparing the house to negotiating the sale. I would recommend Ying to every home sellers." --M D. 

 "My friend referred Ying as my agent when I start to look for a house in Fremont. She was so familiar with the city that she seemed to know every street and every community. Ying is very experienced. She read disclosures and reports, and pointed out and explained red flags for me if there are any. After entered contract she kept contact with all the parties being involved in the transaction and made this whole process worry free.  I was lucky to have such a trust worthy agent to help me find my dream house. Thank you Ying!"--Vivi Zeng

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